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Annual Aquarium World Anniversary


  Aqueon & Marineland Aquariums 25% Off

Aqueon, Marineland, & Coastal Classic Aquarium Furniture 25% Off

Now Through June 4th, 2017

Sale applies to standard production tanks, stands, and wood canopies, does not include manufacture pre-priced, promotional, or special production items


Fish & Critters of the Week

April 20th – April 26th, 2017


Special Reg.   SALTWATER Special


White Skirt Tetra

$1.50 $2.99   Kupang Damsel $6.00 $9.00
Blue Gourami $3.00 $5.99   Bicolor Blenny $10.00


Siamese Algae Eater

$2.50 $4.99   Yellow Tang $25.00 $49.00
Swordtail $1.50 $2.99   Saddle Wrasse $20.00


Ryunkin Goldfish

$3.50 $6.99   Turbo Snail $2.50 $5.00
Kenyii Cichlid $4.50 $8.99   Pukani Live Rock /lb $4.89


Specials are based on availability on hand and can not be “rain checked” or held for future purchase or pickup (When they are gone they are gone).  Our standard 7 day warranty will still apply to these purchases based on the amount paid for the item.




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